Dear fellow members,

It is an honour to be District Chairman for the coming year, I must say I am a little nervous about the undertaking of such an important role, but I will do my very best. Thank you all for your good wishes as I start my journey.

I wish that I had stepped forward earlier and shadowed Jayne who is a hard act to follow, then perhaps I would not be feeling quite so apprehensive, but I must remember that we are all friends in Inner Wheel.

I’m sorry that Margaret and Jean are leaving the Executive as their terms of office end. It has been wonderful working alongside them both and I wish them well. Knowing the kind of ladies, they are, they won’t be putting their feet up and taking it easy. However, we do have a fantastic team raring to go in our new Inner Wheel Year, but, as in the past couple of years we don’t have a first vice-chairman, so ladies I implore you to think long and hard about joining the Executive, it really is a lot of fun.

I have been a member of Crompton & Royton Club for a number of years and I served as Club Correspondent and President. I have also been District Editor for the last 3 years and I am pleased to be handing over the editorial reins to Lisa from my own Club.

I am looking forward to going to Leicester Assembly and hopefully will come back with some positive ideas to drive our District forward and also spending time with the rest of the girls and possibly ‘partaking’ of the odd G & T. I hope to form new bonds with members from other Districts. I am also eagerly anticipating next year’s Conference in Belfast. Ladies, if you haven’t been to Conference before or haven’t been for a while, give it a go and lets ‘have a ball in Belfast’.

One of my favourite quotes by the Rev. Kate Bottley at Cardiff Conference is “Thank you for strangers who will soon become friends and for friends who will always be a little strange”.

I hope that I will make many new friends during my year as District Chairman.

In friendship


Our Chairman's Charity for this year

My chosen charity for my year in office is Diabetes UK. This is a

charity which means a lot to me, because my husband was

diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes almost 50 years ago and has been

insulin dependent ever since. The charity has been an invaluable

source of information and help during this time, and who knows

maybe one day a cure will be found for this condition.

In friendship


District Chairman 2019 - 2020

Jean Wild

(Crompton & Royton Club)

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